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Restaurant Prinsen


Restaurant Prinsen is a very very traditional restaurant in Stockholm city centre. Here you can get the most exquisite meatballs.

An antique feel in a modern setting that puts all their love and attention on food and wine, always with a personal warmth-since 1897!
We have been here since then!

It’s one of the oldest restaurants in Sweden, and that fact alone might make it worth a visit for some people.

We are a cultural establishment that have been visited by many artists, authors, workers, directors and travelers since the beginning of the 1900`s. Books have been born here. Artists have found inspiration for their creations.

The restaurant is also a celebration of one of the chefs favorite writers – Ernest Hemingway.

Check out these marvelous dishes, it’s art and cooking combined. So traditional and yet so innovative.

food-02-prinsen food-03-prinsen

Anyway Hemingway – see you there perhaps?